Job AnalysisPreparation

Our certified counselors are experts in creating in depth job descriptions known as Job Analyses (JAs). JAs are used as tools in managing worker compensation claims while developing return to work strategies, addressing employability, and identifying suitable retraining occupations.​

Return to WorkPrograms

We at Eastside Vocational Services will help you structure a return to work program specific to the needs of your business and employees. Returning an injured or temporarily impaired worker to the job can be an extensive and complex process. Having a return to work program in place can make all the difference for both employers and employees while progressively returning the worker to full duty. Return to work programs are not only for workers injured on the job, they can be used for returning employees to work whom have suffered a non-occupational injury as well.
Employers often use return to work programs for the following reasons; reduce disability leave costs, maintain productivity, and comply with disability related legislation. Returning employees to work earlier can help prevent loss of skill and workforce value of the employee, therefore reducing the risk of emotional distress and isolation long term.​

Eastside Vocational Services offers a variety of Vocational Services including Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling, Job Analysis Preparation, and Return to Work Programs.  Each of these are handled directly by our counselors for a very involved and personal experience.  Our Vocational Counselors are extremely dedicated to the cause of making the workplace a comfortable and safe environment; which includes identifying position expectations, as well as acceptable modifications allowed by employers.  By working with our Vocational team, we can provide you with not only one on one Vocational support between employers and workers, but also provide Job Analyses meeting state standards, and develop a Return to Work program specifically tailored to your business.

Thank you for considering Eastside Vocational Services for your Vocational Service needs, please see below for an outline of our Vocational Services.

Vocational Services

Vocational Counseling

Our firm offers vocational rehabilitation and counseling services provided by certified rehabilitation counselors whom have extensive knowledge and experience practicing in the vocational rehabilitation field. Our counselors assist individuals with physical, mental, cognitive, and psychological restrictions. Vocational counseling services include developing and strategizing return to work positions and programs with employers, identifying transferable skills, identifying job modifications, providing ergonomic services, coordinating care and treatment plans established by the medical professionals, resume development and implementing return to work strategies. We also examine employability and develop and implement vocational retraining plans. In our efforts to advocate for workers within the workplace we work closely with medical, legal, and claims management professionals.