Vocational Counseling

We provide one on one vocational counseling with injured workers, while also assisting to determine a viable return to work position based on work restrictions and employment options.

Return to WorkPrograms

We work directly with employers and workers to determine effective return to work options and outline programs specific to their needs, allowing for the best possible results.

Eastside Vocational Services mission is to advocate for recovery and prevent work disability. Our goal is to help people create return to work plans and make informed choices to improve their lives. Our vision is a workforce that is motivated to achieve our own personal and professional fulfillment and to engage all stakeholders in the recovery process

Workplace Ergonomics

Our consultants are trained Ergonomic Assessment Specialists who will come onsite to evaluate your workstation. We will also meet directly with management, the affected worker, and provide ergonomic recommendations in a written report. 

Job AnalysisPreparation

Our consultants will come onsite to observe the position first hand.  A Job Analysis is then prepared and provided to the customer for use in identifying the physical and mental requirements needed to perform a specific position successfully.


The EVS Mission


Eastside Vocational Services is a proud member of the following associations
Return to Work Program 
Washington State Department of Corrections


Our team of skilled Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors travel onsite to each location around Washington state observing each position performed by prison staff in order to provide an accurate Job Analysis reflecting the duties of the position. We continually meet with management and involved parties to construct and maintain proper management of the program.